Monday, August 24, 2009

Criswell Predicts: Apple to Approve Google Voice on Friday

Apple has got to make this Google Voice thing go away, and quickly. As I stated in my previous post, there may be nothing that the U.S. Government can do to force Apple to approve the application, but they've already forced the company to make major changes to both how it runs the App Store and to its penchant for secrecy.

In Apple's response to the FCC, it make its case for why it probably should reject Google Voice (although Michael Arrington reported that Apple did formally reject it, contrary to its statement to the FCC.) It can't just turn around and approve it without making some explanation, but it can't admit that it's approving it due to government pressure, either...too many egos at stake.

So, I'm betting that Apple announces that it has approved Google Voice with a simple press release this coming Friday, after the U.S. stock markets close. Why Friday? The first reason is that late Friday is the best time to get minimal coverage for an announcement--much of the business press has already left for the weekend. However, the second, and far more important reason is that it's the day that Apple ships Snow Leopard. The computer press will be falling all over itself to get out the first reviews of the new operating system, and the Google Voice approval will likely fade into the noise.

On the other hand, if Google Voice isn't approved on Friday, don't look at was Criswell's prediction.

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