Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The LOST finale and most of the movie business explained in 7 minutes

I'm now going to pass a great secret onto you. You don't need to drink any dirty pond water whatsoever, and it has nothing to do with corks or glowing drains. It's the secret of why LOST ended the way it did, and why so many major movies look the way they do.

It's because of Daffy Duck.

Well, not exactly. Daffy didn't do it; he merely explained it, in a cartoon entitled "The Scarlet Pumpernickel." Completed in 1948 and released in 1950, Daffy, having grown tired of doing comedies, pitches a script of a ripping medieval adventure to Warner Brothers' studio head J.L. (Jack L. Warner). The problem is that the script is lousy, it's way too long, and Daffy has no ending.

I will spoil the adventure for you no further. If you can, find a copy on DVD to make sure that you get the original ending.

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