Sunday, February 12, 2012

Signs of the iPadcalypse: $70 discount on iPad 2s at Meijer

Parts are flying off the iPad rumor mill. According to All Things D, the iPad 3, or 2S, or HD, will be announced by Apple at an event in San Francisco the first week of March. However, for all the sources that ATD said that it had for the story, it's still a rumor. Yesterday, however, I got another possible confirmation. While shopping at a Meijer store outside Chicago, I learned that the store is selling iPad 2s for $70 off. iPads are rarely discounted unless they're refurbished, so a significant discount at retail suggests that Meijer is trying to sell off excess inventory ahead of a new product announcement.

Meijer might not have any solid information, and may simply be doing this to keep from being stuck with inventory in case Apple discontinues the iPad 2. However, it does suggest that there's a new iPad coming from Apple soon.
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