Friday, September 07, 2012

Blackmagic Design adds Micro Four-Thirds mount option to its Blackmagic Cinema Camera

At the IBC conference in Amsterdam, Blackmagic Design announced the Blackmagic Cinema Camera MFT with a Micro Four-Thirds lens mount. Unlike the EF mount in the original model that supports lenses with auto-focus and auto-iris, the MFT's lens mount is "passive," meaning that Micro Four-Thirds lenses must be used in manual mode. That's the drawback, but the advantage is that the new model can use PL mount (and other) adapters, opening the camera to a much wider range of lenses. The new MFT model will be priced the same as the original BCC: $2,995 (U.S.). Blackmagic Design will work with customers and dealers who've ordered the original model but would prefer to substitute the MFT model.

The lack of automatic controls may not be all that big a deal: Canon's C300 doesn't support auto-focus or auto-iris, but that doesn't seem to have hurt its sales. In addition, as I've written before, the BCC isn't a "run & gun" camera. The trade-off of automatic controls for support of PL mount adapters will probably be fine for the BCC's target audience.

According to Blackmagic Design, it's slowing down production while it "sorts out" manufacturing and firmware issues related to the new model, which it expects to start delivering in December. If you have an order in for the original BCC and you'd prefer the new MFT model, I'd suggest that you contact your dealer today and let them know.
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