Monday, July 15, 2013

After "Sharknado," what's next? Here's a few ideas...

The Asylum's "Sharknado" took over Twitter last Thursday night and continues to be a topic of conversation. We know that they have more shark-themed movies in development, but there's a whole planet full of species with B-movie potential. So, with apologies in advance, here are a few suggestions:
  • Thanksgiving of Terror: This Thanksgiving, it'll be the humans asking for a pardon from the turkeys! A midwest turkey processing plant treats turkeys with an experimental steroid to make them plumper. Instead, the steroid makes them intelligent and improves their flying, so they escape and rain havoc on Chicago.
  • Carpageddon: Carp escape from a gefilte fish plant and wreak havoc on a Hasidic Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn.
  • Horses from Hell: In the Old West, horses begin trampling and eating their riders. Only one man can stop the horses before they eat the entire Territory of Arkansaw and thwart the country's Manifest Destiny.
  • Pigeons Poisoning People in the Park: Pigeons in New York are mutated by poisons used to kill them. The pigeons survive, and their droppings become highly poisonous to people. First Central Park, and then all of Manhattan, become kill zones for the pigeons.
And here's one that's ripped out of today's headlines:
  • The Twinkie Invasion: After seven months, Twinkies are returned to a grateful nation. However, the new, "healthier" Twinkies contain parasites that take over the minds of people who eat them. Can anyone stop them before every overweight person in America becomes a mindless slave?
Here you are, folks. Go for it!
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