Monday, June 28, 2010

Could Project Canvas become the template for "TV Everywhere" outside the U.S.?

According to Wired UK, The BBC Trust has approved plans for "Project Canvas," an Internet-based on-demand video service co-sponsored by Britain's terrestrial broadcasters (the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Five), plus communications companies Arqiva, TalkTalk and BT. The partners are targeting launch for April 2011. There are two fundamental differences between Project Canvas and TV Everywhere, the video initiative sponsored by cable operators in the U.S.: First, access to Project Canvas will be free and will not require a subscription to a cable or satellite system (although value-added content and services can be charged for,) and second, Project Canvas will be open to the entire industry.

The specifications for Project Canvas must be published within 20 days, so there will be a short wait until a point-by-point comparison can be made between it and TV Everywhere. However, it looks like Project Canvas will be a very promising alternative to TV Everywhere outside the U.S, especially if it's truly open to any content provider who wants to participate.
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