Thursday, August 19, 2010

Panasonic sets new low price point for webcasting studios

Panasonic has introduced a trio of products that represent a new low price point for automated webcasting studios:
  • The AW-HE50S is a 1/3" 1080P camera with integrated pan/tilt/zoom and a HD/SD-SDI interface, at a $5,500.00 list price. (The same camera is available as the AW-HE50H for $1,000 less with a HDMI interface.)
  • The AW-HS50N is a small 1080P 5-input, 3-output HD switcher with four HD/SD-SDI and one DVI-D input, and 2 HD/SD-SDI and one DVI-D outputs, an AUX bus, built-in keyer, dissolve transitions and a multiviewer, allowing all inputs and transitions to be viewed on one HDTV monitor. The list price is $4,000.
  • The AW-RP50 (list price $2,200) is a remote camera controller that allows a single operator to set up all the parameters and control the movement of up to 100 HE50 and HE100 cameras. It has a network connection for the AW-HS50N, so that a single operator can simultaneously switch a show and control the cameras.
With these three products, you can create a basic, automated three-camera setup for less than $23,000, or a four-camera setup for just over $28,000. What's more, all of the components are light: The switcher and camera controller together are around nine pounds, and each camera is 3.5 pounds. Add a live encoder with an Ethernet or WiFi interface, and you're ready to stream.
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