Friday, August 20, 2010

Redrock Micro introduces lower-cost DSLR rigs

Not long ago, I wrote a post comparing the price of Sony's new NEX-VG10 interchangeable lens camcorder with the cost of purchasing a NEX-5 DSLR and adding components to make it handle like a camcorder. When I did that comparison, I looked at prices from Zacuto, Redrock Micro and others. I was surprised to find that despite Zacuto's reputation for higher prices, they were actually less expensive than Redrock Micro for entry-level rigs.

Redrock has now launched a new line of low-cost DSLR rigs that are more in line with the prices of new DSLRs, especially models like Canon's Rebel T2i. The new Nano Rigs are priced from just over $100 to just over $600 (U.S.), and the highest-priced Nano is less expensive than the lowest-priced models in Redrock's DSLR 2.0 line of rigs. Other companies are likely to follow Redrock Micro with their own "prosumer-priced" lines of DSLR accessories, which will keep pricing pressure on the camcorder manufacturers.
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