Sunday, November 21, 2010

Episode 4 of the Feldman File videoblog is live!

It's Sunday night, and that means that I've posted a new episode of the Feldman File videoblog on YouTube! Here's the rundown for this week's edition:
  • Apple's less-than-earthshaking announcement about adding the Beatles' music catalog to iTunes
  • Sony follows up on its Super 35MM camcorder, the PMW-F3, with yet another Super 35MM camcorder, the 35MM NXCAM
  • U.S. cable operators lose 741,000 subscribers in Q3--are consumers really cutting the cord?
  • The Obama Adminsitration is looking for 500MHz of additional broadband bandwidth, and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration found 2.2GHz of bandwidth available within ten years. So, do we really have a bandwidth shortage?

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