Thursday, August 02, 2012

Proof that thinking too much about sex makes you stupid

Michael Cavnar, the CEO of Vook, a self-publishing company, has posted the story of "The Diamond Club," a hoax erotic eBook that made it to #4 on the list of paid books in iTunes after just three days. Brian Brushwood and Justin Young, the hosts of TWiT's NSFW podcast, learned that all ten of the top eBooks on iTunes were erotic fiction, and came up with an idea similar to Mike McGrady's 1969 potboiler hoax "Naked Came the Stranger," which was credited to "Penelope Ashe" but was actually written (as badly as possible) by 24 journalists. Brushwood and Young invited their listeners to submit chapters for the book. The only thing they had to do was feature the main character--the chapters didn't have to connect to each other at all. Even though the eBook does deliver on the sex part, Young said “It’s a hoax in that we are not erotic fiction writers. We don’t genuinely think it’s any good. But I will stand behind our product that it delivers what we believe to be the most important component in this genre: sex.”

I fully expect a Big 6 publisher to offer Brushwood and Young a seven-figure advance and commit to a huge print run. Because it's "pre-sold."
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