Thursday, October 30, 2008

Brightcove positioning itself as a survivor?

Not too long ago, I wrote about which Web 2.0 startups would survive this recession, and one of the danger areas I pointed out was video services. The fallout is already happening, but one of the companies that's likely to survive is Brightcove. In the last few days, both The New York Times and AOL have shifted their video services to Brightcove. Like most video ventures, Brightcove started with a consumer focus, but it shut down its consumer services fairly quickly to focus on being a supplier of services to larger media companies, including Discovery Communications, 20th Century Fox, Showtime and The Wall Street Journal. It recently launched its third-generation platform. While YouTube dominates consumer video, Brightcove has become the arms dealer of choice for video infrastructure. There are other major players out there that are also doing fine, such as Comcast's thePlatform, but the outlook is bleak for consumer-oriented video sites that hope to switch to a business focus in order to ride out the recession.

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