Monday, October 06, 2008

Google has blocked my new blog

I've been notified that Google has blocked my new blog, "Feldman Off Topic", because its computers think that it's a spam blog. Regular readers of this blog will remember that Google also flagged this blog as spam, even though it had been in operation for more than three years and had been approved for AdSense long ago. It took three tries and more than two months to get Google to even review this blog manually, which they eventually did, and concluded that it contains no spam.

Now, Google has upped the stakes. They have locked Feldman Off Topic from public viewing, and I'm unable to post anything to the blog, even for future viewing when (or if) a human actually reads it. The company claims that it's their systems, using "fuzzy" logic (not the real fuzzy logic, just unexplainable rules) that make the decisions. Any traffic that might have been coming to that blog is shot, and possibly lost for good.

It would make much more sense for the company to make the initial process of creating a blog more rigorous, and to put more of an upfront review process in place, than to let people create blogs and then block them, willy-nilly, for no reason that the company can (or is willing to) explain. The only reason that it makes sense to have blogs in Blogger at this point is that it gets their postings better rankings in Google Search. Google denies that as well, but the results speak for themselves. Blogger's features and capabilities have long been trailing those of WordPress, Movable Type, TypePad and other platforms.

So, I stick with Blogger simply to get more eyeballs. That's a very big reason, but not the only reason, to use a blogging platform. When will someone at Google figure out that its blog spam detection algorithms suck?

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