Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Netflix "Watch Anytime" to be available on TiVo

According to the New York Times, Netflix's "Watch Anywhere" service will be available on TiVo's HD-capable PVRs starting in December. To use the service, consumers will have to have a TiVo HD ($299.99) and subscribe both to TiVo's service ($12.99/month, less per month with an annual or lifetime plan) and one of Netflix's unlimited subscription plans, which start at $8.99/month. The cost of the two services together, almost $22/month, is as much or more than basic cable in many parts of the country, so this isn't the solution for cost-sensitive consumers. However, it helps TiVo to improve its value proposition against cable set-top boxes that include PVRs.

It's a shame that TiVo couldn't offer Netflix on its Series 2 SD PVRs as well; there are millions more Series 2 boxes in the fields than HD models. It's unlikely that this announcement will spur sales of many TiVo HDs, but it will certainly add utility for people who already have a TiVo HD or are considering purchasing one for other reasons.

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