Sunday, April 11, 2010

Get NAB2010 press releases without having a press pass

As NAB 2010 starts, one of the biggest problems is identifying what's new. The Las Vegas Convention Center is huge, and despite NAB's best efforts to try to organize exhibitors into logical areas, there are always companies that aren't where you expect them. It makes it challenging to see everything that might be of interest.

Reporters, editors and industry analysts can get access to the press room at NAB, where exhibitors post press releases and product information, but you can only get in with a press badge. However, you can get much the same access by checking the websites of four press release distribution services. Keep in mind that most companies post their press releases before the opening of NAB or within the first day or two of the conference to insure that they get press coverage during the show.

Here are my favorite sites (and keep in mind that most companies only post through one service, so you'll need to visit all the sites):
  • PR Newswire (on the home page, select "News Releases" in the search area and then search for NAB)
  • Business Wire (go to the home page and search for NAB)
  • Virtual Press Office (click on NAB2010 on the home page)
  • PRWeb (go to the home page and search for NAB)
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