Monday, July 12, 2010

Cool-er: Another one bites the dust

According to, Interead, the company behind the Cool-er eBook reader, has gone into liquidation in the U.K. The company's websites are still live, but products can't be purchased. According to the article:
Interead was founded in 2009 by former banker Neil Jones. Jones told the Guardian in September 2009 that he had big ambitions for the company. "I'm pretty confident we'll be number two in America by this time next year in terms of sales, and number one in the UK."
Interead joins iRex Technologies as a failed vendor of eBook readers. iRex declared bankruptcy last month, so there's still a slim chance that the company or its readers could be revived, but Interead's liquidation means that the best that could happen is that the Cool-er readers could be sold to another company to help pay off Interead's debts.

More eBook reader companies are likely to fail or withdraw their products from the market over the next year. There are simply too many eBook reader vendors for the available market, and the best-positioned companies are Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo.
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