Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Panasonic's new consumer 3D (maybe) camcorder

Panasonic has formally announced the HDC-SDT750, a consumer-targeted 3D camcorder. Instead of creating a true full HD 3D camcorder, which would have required two imagers, Panasonic uses a snap-on 3D lens that splits the right- and left-eye images and sends each one to half of the imager, resulting in a 960 x 1080 image for each eye. Both images are captured in one 1920x1080 frame. (When the 3D lens is removed, the camcorder can be used for conventional 1080P recording.) About the only thing you'll be able to do on Day One will be to run the video from the camcorder out to a 3D HDTV for direct viewing, but I suspect that Adobe and Apple will build support for Panasonic's format into future versions of Premiere Pro and Final Cut Studio. The HDC-SDT750 will ship in October, priced at $1,399 in the U.S.
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