Monday, July 12, 2010

Monthly time spent on site: Good for Google and Facebook, Bad for Yahoo and Aol

According to Silicon Alley Insider, comScore's monthly report for total time spent on popular U.S. Internet sites as a percentage of time spent on all Internet sites is a mixed bag: Good news for Google and Facebook, bad news for Yahoo and Aol, and more disappointment for Microsoft. Here's the chart:

Google is now the leader in terms of total time spent on its sites; in June, its share passed that of Yahoo for the first time. Facebook is an even more impressive story; its share is close to that of Google, and if the two companies stay on their trend lines, Facebook is likely to pass Google within a year.

Yahoo's share has been trending down for six quarters, and in June, the company had its lowest time spent on site since comScore started keeping records. Aol is on an almost three-year-long downtrend, and now has the smallest share of any of the leaders. It's hard to argue that, unless something radical happens, Aol could drop to a 2% share by the middle of 2011.

As for Microsoft, despite the billions of dollars that the company has invested in its online businesses over the past few years, the company's share of time spent was almost identical in Q2 2010 to what it was in Q3 2006. In other words, all that money just kept Microsoft even.

The traffic contest has turned into a three-horse race, and one of the horses (Yahoo) is starting to pull up lame.
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