Friday, October 15, 2010

Apple's iPad goes mass market

Last week, Bernstein Research announced that the iPad has become the fastest-selling consumer electronics product in history, and an analyst from Ticonderoga Securities who spoke with one of Apple's component suppliers said that the company is gearing up to sell 45 million iPads worldwide next year. Apple's putting in place a distribution channel that will be able to sell that many iPads. By the end of this month, Apple will have at least tripled the number of stores selling the iPad in the U.S. since it was first launched earlier this year, and one of the new distribution deals is a harbinger of much bigger deals to come:

Verizon's iPad/MiFi bundle is clearly an interim solution until Apple can start delivering a CDMA-compatible version of the iPad. More importantly, this announcement means that the rumors of a forthcoming Verizon iPhone are almost certainly true. Apple's January announcement is going to be extremely interesting.

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