Wednesday, October 27, 2010

T-Mobile to sell Samsung's Galaxy Tab for $399

T-Mobile announced today that it will match Sprint's price and sell its version of Samsung's Galaxy Tab Android tablet starting November 10th for $399 with a two-year contract and data plan. Its 200MB plan will cost $29.99/month, while the 5GB plan will cost $49.99/month, with discounts for existing T-Mobile customers. Prepaid mobile broadband plans are also available, but they're not cost-effective, and T-Mobile hasn't said that it will sell an unbundled version of the Galaxy Tab.

According to eWeek, Sprint's data plan options for its version of the Galaxy Tab are $29.99 for 2GB/month or $59.99 for 5GB/month. Verizon will only sell an unsubsidized version of the Galaxy Tab for $599.99, with a month-to-month 1GB data plan for $20/month. It's confusing, and probably deliberately so, but it looks like the best deal for people who want continuous data coverage but won't use a lot of bandwidth is the Sprint 2GB/month plan. Customers who will use a lot of bandwidth (primarily for video) should go with the T-Mobile 5GB/month plan. Verizon's price is appealing only for those customers that have to have a Galaxy Tab and will primarily use it on WiFi networks. For those customers, a WiFi-only iPad would be a better option.
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