Monday, October 25, 2010

Sprint offers Samsung Galaxy Tab for $399.99

According to Engadget, Sprint just because the second U.S. broadband service provider to price the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" Android tablet. Sprint will sell it for $399.99 starting November 14th for customers that commit to a two-year data plan, or $599.99 for customers that opt for month-to-month data coverage ($29.99 for 2GB/month or $59.99 for 5GB/month.) From the Sprint website, it appears that the monthly prices for the 2-year and month-to-month plans are the same.

The option to buy the Galaxy Tab at a subsidized price is likely to drive many more sales than Verizon's unsubsidized $599.99 pricing. However, AT&T and T-Mobile will also be carrying the Galaxy Tab, and they might offer even more aggressive offers when they announce their pricing.
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