Thursday, August 02, 2012

28% of all library patrons want to download eBooks from their library; Kindles are the most popular devices for reading library eBooks

Digital Book World has a summary of a new Patron Profiles report from Library Journal and Bowker. Their survey found that 28% of all library patrons want to download eBooks from their public library, and almost two-thirds of patrons who already read eBooks want to be able to get them from their local library. Here are some other findings:
  • eBooks are the most popular downloadable media for all respondents, followed by music and audiobooks. Video downloads are the fourth-most-popular media with everyone except existing eBook users, who prefer enhanced eBooks by a small margin.
  • As far as eReading devices are concerned, Kindle eReaders are the most popular with both "power" media users and regular library patrons, by a significant margin. The next most popular device is the Kindle Fire, followed by the iPad, and then the Nook Color eReader and Nook black & white eReader, both of which were preferred by less than 10% of patrons.
  • "Digital" patrons--those that own a smartphone, eReader or tablet--are more active library users than any other group, across all activities. 28% of library patrons own a smartphone, 16% own an eReader and 12% own a tablet.
  • Only 3% of library patrons have used a dedicated app for their library, although many patrons would like to be able to access their library's online content via a mobile app.
  • Library patrons that visit their library's website an average of once a week are generally dissatisfied with the quality of their library's website.

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