Monday, August 06, 2012

Which eReaders and tablets support multimedia and CSS3 features?

Vook has put together a list of some of the devices that support multimedia enhancements, along with the maximum eBook size on each device (which turns out to be dramatically affected by both the device and eRetailer), and a list of CSS elements that can be controlled in Vook's editor, with which devices they're supported on. Here's a summary:
  • Only iOS devices running iBooks and the Kindle app, and the Nook Color and Nook tablet, support multimedia enhancements. The only desktop PC eReader that supports the enhancements is Vook's own Reader software. 
  • Here are the maximum file sizes for various devices and eBookstores--conventional publishers (with "Vendor of Record" accounts) get far more file space than do self-publishers, which makes self-published multimedia-enabled eBooks impractical:
    • Apple's iBookstore: 2GB 
    • Barnes & Noble Pubit! (self-publishing): 20MB 
    • Barnes & Noble via Vook distribution relationship: 600MB 
    • Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing: 50MB 
    • Amazon via Vook distribution relationship: 650MB
  • The Vook source link has much more information, but in general: 
    • iOS devices handle all the CSS3 attributes. 
    • Nook devices (both eReaders and tablets) handle all the CSS3 attributes. 
    • Kindle devices handle only a subset of the CSS3 attributes, with the Kindle Fire supporting a few more than Kindle eReaders. 
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