Friday, August 03, 2012

Vook launches HTML5 eReader and new pricing models

Vook just launched a new HTML5 eReader for its eBooks (to try it out, go to; will take you to their sign-up page for writers). The samples I've seen are similar to a conventional EPUB display with flowable, resizable text plus embedded rich media.  It can display one or two pages at a time. It also has three layout options with different typefaces. A nice feature is that Vook has anticipated that the eReader will be used on both PCs and tablets, so it supports a single-page vertical scrolling mode for smaller devices, as well as two-page mode for desktop and notebook PCs.

The company has dropped its monthly fees and now offers two options for self-publishers:
  • Publish the eBook free of charge to Vook's own eBookstore; the author gets 85% of revenues.
  • Create eBooks using Vook's tools and then pay the company $99 for the files, which can be uploaded and sold by the author through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple

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