Friday, June 15, 2012

AAP March report: Children's/YA and eBooks sales are growing; everything else is stable or falling

Publishers Weekly has the key numbers from the Association of American Publishers' March report. Here's a summary:
  • Sales in all print segments except children's fell in March.
  • The Children's/Young Adult segment rose 46.6%; eBook sales in the segment rose 173.9%. 
  • Sales of adult eBooks rose 33.2%. 
  • Sales of adult trade print books fell 11.6%.
For all of Q1 2012:
  • Adult eBook sales rose 28.1%; adult hardcover sales were up 2%, while adult trade paperback sales declined 10.5%. 
  • Mass market paperback sales declined 20.8%.. 
  • Children's/YA sales rose 63.6% 
  • University press sales rose 3.6%. 
  • Religious sales dropped 1.8% 
  • Professional sales were down 2.6%. 
  • K-12 instructional materials declined 13.4%. 
  • Higher education course materials dropped 0.3%. 

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