Friday, June 15, 2012

DigiTimes reports that two new 7" Kindle tablets are under development for release in Q3

DigiTimes reports that Amazon is planning new Kindle tablets and hardware eReaders for release this year and in 2013:
  • Sources report that two 7" tablets are under development for release in Q3: A higher-end model with 1280 x 800 screen resolution and a faster processor, priced at $199, and a model similar to the existing Kindle Fire, with 1024 x 600 screen resolution, priced at $149. 
  • The existing Kindle Fire's price will be dropped to $149 to make way for the new models. 
  • DigiTimes' sources say that development of an 8.9" model has been halted, and release of a 10.1" model has been delayed to Q4 2012 or later. The website doesn't speculate about reasons for the (rumored) changes in Amazon's (rumored) product plans, but one reason might be the popularity of the new iPad's Retina Display. Unless Amazon can release a 10.1" model that has a screen comparable to the new iPad with a price well below the iPad 2, it doesn't make sense to go to market.
  • DigtTimes writes that a 6" front-light-equipped black & while Kindle will be released in Q3 "at the earliest."
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