Monday, June 11, 2012

Tablet use by mobile phone users almost quadrupled in one year

comScore has released some findings from its forthcoming TabLens report on the U.S. tablet market. Here's a summary from the press release:
  • Mobile phone users (ages 13+) who also use a tablet almost quadrupled from April 2011 (4.7%) to April 2012 (16.5%). 
  • Smartphone users who use tablets increased from 9.7% in April 2011 to 23.6% in April 2012. 
  • Feature phone users who use tablets increases from 2.3% in April 2011 to 10.4% in April 2012. 
  • Women are slightly heavier users of tablets (50.8% vs. 49.2% for men,) while men are slightly heavier users of smartphones (51.6% vs. 48.4% for women.) 
  • Tablet users tend to be significantly older than smartphone users: The heaviest concentration of users of both devices is between the ages of 25 and 44, but tablet users were 28% more likely to be ages 65 and over, and 27% less likely to be ages 18 to 24. 
  • 56% of tablet users have an income of at least $75,000/year, compared to 49.3% of smartphone owners. 
  • Tablet owners are nearly three times as likely to watch videos on their devices as are smartphone owners--20% of smartphone users said that they'd watched a video on their device in the month of the survey, compared to 53% of tablet owners, and heavy video watchers were more than three times as likely to have watched a video every day on tablets (9.5%) than on smartphones (2.9%).

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