Tuesday, June 12, 2012

U.S. Navy considers shipboard eBook libraries

At Nextgov, Bob Brewin reports that the U.S. Navy Supply Systems Command wants to set up shipboard eBook libraries on its surface ships, which have limited Internet connectivity, and its submarines, which have no access to "recreational Internet connections." The Navy has issued a Request for Information, not a Request for Proposal, so no contracts will be awarded on the basis of the RFI. From the RFI, here's the purpose of the library:
This RFI is for an all-inclusive and expandable non-web-based eBook lending library that would bring a similar level of service to shipboard LMRC customers. The end product shall provide the NGLP with the capability of:
(1) offering a high quality, easy to use, stand alone eBook library to afloat commands; 
 (2) implement space saving technologies to streamline LMRC footprints on smaller vessels: i.e. submarines; and
(3) improve diversity and broaden the appeal of LMRC collections currently limited by physical constraints on all vessels. The stand alone eBook lending library shall save storage space, provide enhanced access to leisure and educational reading materials, and bring LMRC customer service levels in line with industry standards.
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