Tuesday, July 31, 2012

BISG survey says that eBook buyers are more willing to buy print

The Book Industry Study Group has just released the third part of Volume Three of its Consumer Attitudes Toward E-Book Reading research report. Here's a summary:
  • The percentage of eBook buyers that exclusively or primarily purchase eBooks has dropped from nearly 70% last August to 60% in May 2012.
  • The percentage of survey respondents with no preference for eBook or print formats, or who buy some genres in eBook format and others in print, has increased from 25% last August to 34% in May.
  • Amazon's Kindle Fire has overtaken the iPad as the tablet of preference among eBook consumers. 7% of survey respondents owned a Kindle Fire last December vs. 20% in May 2012, while iPad ownership remained flat at 17% in both surveys. By comparison, 5% of respondents owned a Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet in May, and 8% owned another Android-based tablet.
  • While overall use of tablets as primary eReading devices is increasing, the changes aren't uniform across devices:
    • 35% of respondents cited Amazon's Kindle eReaders as their primary device for reading eBooks, down from 48% last August.
    • Apple's iPad was cited as the primary device for reading eBooks by 9% of respondents in May, down from 10% in February.
    • Respondents who cited Barnes & Noble's Nook tablets and eReaders as their primary device for reading eBooks declined from 17% last August to 13% in May.
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