Monday, July 02, 2012

Tablets now generate more eCommerce traffic than smartphones

As more evidence that tablets are overtaking smartphones as devices of preference for mobile Internet users, GigaOm reports on a new study of more than 100 million online shopping transactions by Monetate. The company determined that tablets represented 6.52% of traffic to eCommerce sites in Q1 2012, overtaking smartphones (with 5.35%) for the first time. Tablet traffic increased 348% in the last year, while smartphone traffic increased 117%. 95% of the tablet traffic was from iPads. These numbers compare with a forecast from Adobe that overall tablet traffic worldwide won't exceed that from smartphones until early 2013, and will represent 10% of website traffic in early 2014. GigaOm suggests that the reason for the difference between Monetate and Adobe is that Monetate measures eCommerce traffic, while Adobe is counting all traffic, including traffic to content sites.

Tablets are also much more efficient at converting sales than smartphones: In Q1, visits from PCs converted into sales 3.51% of the time, while visits from tablets converted at a 3.23% rate, and visits from smartphones converted at a 1.39% rate. Other measures, such as pages viewed per session and items added to carts, are also much closer between PCs and tablets than between either PCs or tablets and smartphones. The reasons most likely are the bigger displays and keyboards on tablets.
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