Thursday, July 19, 2012

Business Insider iPad usage survey

Business Insider has done a survey of more than 2,200 iPad users to find out how they use their tablets. Here's a summary of the findings:
  • Most respondents (almost 47%) use their iPads two to five hours a day on average. 
  • 64% of respondents say that their iPad usage has increased since they first got their tablets. 
  • iPads are quickly becoming users' primary computers. In the November 2010 survey, almost 71% of respondents said that a laptop or desktop was their primary computer, vs. 29% who said that their iPad was their primary computer. However, in the new survey, only 53% say that they use a laptop or desktop computer most often, vs. 47% who use their iPads most often. 
  • Respondents said that they spend 41% of their personal computing time using an iPad, vs. 25% for a laptop computer and 17% for a desktop. (They also said that they spend 17% of their time using a smartphone.) 
  • 71% of respondents say that they read eBooks on their iPads. 
  • Apple's iBooks format has become the most popular eBook format for survey respondents, with 51.3% preferring it, vs. 36.5% for Kindle format and 12.2% for other formats. (In the November 2010 survey, the Kindle format was most popular, by 50% to 42.4% for iBooks and 7.6% for other formats.)
  • iPad owners have little interest in tablets from competitors; only 10.4% are interested in the Google Nexus 7, and 5.5% are interested in the Kindle Fire. 
  • Only 30.2% of current iPad owners have any interest in a smaller iPad. 

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